A wildlife haven

One of our licensed volunteer ornithologists checks barn owl chicks

One of our licensed volunteer ornithologists checks barn owl chicks

Charlecote’s wildlife encompasses all creatures large and small which choose our carefully-managed park and gardens for their home. We also have historic herds of fallow deer and Jacob sheep as well as our own bees which produce honey you can buy in the shop. See what our volunteer photographer has spotted lately.

Any time of year and every type of weather is perfect for spotting wildlife at Charlecote – birds, bugs and animals all prefer something different and you’re bound to see something interesting when you come.

Riverside sights

The river Avon and the little river Dene play host to a variety of wildlife in all seasons – insects, birds and many plants.

Take an easy walk along the riverbank. Find out about fishing permits too.

Managing our deer herd

There has been a fallow deer herd at Charlecote for centuries - and allegedly it got a young William Shakespeare into trouble. Today we manage the herd to benefit their welfare and our environment.

Find out about Maggie

She's just one of the ewes among our Jacob sheep at Charlecote. This rare-breed flock has now been accorded pedigree status and is an integral part of the views across the parkland.

Beehives and busy bees

Charlecote's bees play their role in our gardens and parkland

Charlecote's staff and volunteers have been working together to establish our beehives behind the Stables. The bees play an important role in our gardens and park - and now we have our own honey on sale in the shop.

Spring arrives with the swallows © Richard Morris

Spring arrives with the swallows

Our feathered friends

For many months of the year, the swooping swallows and house martins are among the first birds you'll see at Charlecote. However, there are so many more to see and hear whatever time of year you visit. Bring your binoculars, take a seat and find out more about...

The birds around the gardens

Watching the water birds

Birdwatching in the parkland

Interesting insects

Our ancient trees and carefully managed meadows are full of hundreds of different tiny creatures - all of them fascinating but some are more appealing than others.

Evening all!

We have two UK BAP Priority bat species living here – lesser horseshoe bats and brown long-eared bats, as well as long-eared bats. Come along to one of our evening events and you may see them flying around at dusk.

Hare today

Hares live on Camp Ground at Charlecote

We have a drove of hares living on Camp Ground - another UK BAP Priority mammal. With their long back legs, any confusion with rabbits is soon dispelled as soon as they start to run, reaching up to 45km per hour.