Our work

Conservation in action

Ever wondered what the House team get up to behind closed doors? Every morning before we open, the team clean and maintain the rooms of Chartwell so they are in great condition for visitors to enjoy.

The Chartwell stories project

Our eager band of volunteers love a good Churchill story to tell. They've been working through material in our archives and every so often unveil a new tale for us to devour. They make great anecdotes and go a long way to describing the man at home.

The Gavin Jones feature project

The Gavin Jones rock garden project at Chartwell

The area behind the Gavin Jones water feature has become slightly over grown. We are currently working on clearing the area ready to start planting towards the end of the year.

Going with the flow

Going with the flow

Going with the flow

One of our current projects for this seasons is releasing one of the springs of Chartwell that is currently leaking on to the visitor footpath. We'll be digging underneath the path and allowing it to run free.