Our work

Conservation in action

Ever wondered what the House team get up to behind closed doors? Every morning before we open, the team clean and maintain the rooms of Chartwell so they are in great condition for visitors to enjoy.

The Gavin Jones feature project

The Gavin Jones rock garden project at Chartwell

The area behind the Gavin Jones water feature has become slightly over grown. We are currently working on clearing the area ready to start planting towards the end of the year.

The rhododendron bank

Our rhododendron project opposite Chartwell house

One of our works in progress is the bank opposite Chartwell house. The rhodendron ponticum, an invasive weed, have been cleared and new rhododendron have been planted with fences there to stop deer grazing on the young plants. Come back next year to see the Rhododendron 'Christmas', 'Pink Pearl' and 'Helene Schiffner'.

'Bee'ing friendly

’Bee’ing friendly at Chartwell

’Bee’ing friendly at Chartwell

We are doing our part for the bee population at Chartwell and are currently working on a bee border by the Chartwell orchard. Half of the border has been planted, set to look great for next year with the other half of the planting still to go.