A summer of fun for the family at Chartwell

We've got a list of the perfect things to keep your children occupied at Chartwell. There are some great activities for children as young as five ranging all the way up to teenagers - whether those teens admit they enjoy it or not.

    Make yourself at home in the Marycot

    Play house in the Marycot

    Built for Mary Churchill, the Marycot is the ideal place for children to play while the adults can have a look around the kitchen garden. With a miniature cupboard, table and play stove we want your children to have the run of the house. There are all kinds of play food available for them to serve up, brooms to sweep with and even a lawn mower to do a spot of gardening. If you're lucky they might even invite you around for tea.

    See the sights by swing

    Children enjoying the a woodland swing at Chartwell

    Rise above it all on one of our tree swings in the woodland. Don't think they are just for children - with the lover's swing it's perfect for couples too. Swing those troubles away and did I mention there's six - now there's no excuse for the whole family not to be having a go.

    Who doesn't like to build a den?

    The dormouse den for children in the woodland of Chartwell

    Forget the pillow forts you make at home and build a den at Chartwell. It's a perfect way for children to get in touch with nature and feel a part of the countryside. Nestled in the woodlands you can be a part of the wild - even building a mini den would be a great home for any sleeping dormice.

    Jump in to action at the bomb crater

    Clamber your way out of the bomb crater at Chartwell

    What a way to turn the crater left by a Second World War bomb in to something completely different. With ropes  and netting children can put themselves to the test as they try to scale themselves out of the crater. Set in a secluded part of the woodland it gives adults the opportunity to enjoy the nearby sweet chestnut coppice.

    Are you brave enough to walk the plank?

    The balance beam at Chartwell

    Don't look down as you scale the balance beam based in the woodland at Chartwell. This is definitely a challenge for the family - how long will it take you? Is it long strides and patience that pay off or small feet and quick reflexes. Deep breath, on your marks, get set, go.

    Making memories in the Quarry

    The quarry at Chartwell

    Can you make it from one side of the quarry to the other? Hop along the wooden features and find out. We also use the Quarry as our story telling area so there's always the opportunity to camp out in one of the dens there or chill on a toadstool for some outdoor activities.