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The Dovecote at Chastleton House © NTPL/Nadia Mackenzie

The Dovecote at Chastleton House

Caring for a fragile time capsule

We've taken a very different approach to housekeeping here - one that cherishes the cobwebs and dust as part of the character of this magical place. When the house was still privately owned, money was tight and as a result only the most basic essential work was carried out.

A never-ending task © Jeremy Grimoldby

A never-ending task

Keeping it clean

Although it looks dusty and untouched, it takes a team of dedicated housekeeping staff many hours to care for the house's fragile contents - and a whole winter to clean from top to bottom. On some open afternoons, you may be lucky enough to see staff and volunteers hard at work conserving and cleaning books, winding clocks, or cleaning porcelain.