Domestic Roman Britons

Costumed events bring history to life © Barry Batchelor

Costumed events bring history to life

First occupied in the 2nd century AD, Chedworth Roman Villa was gradually extended, reaching its peak in the 4th century. Rediscovered in 1864 it has been owned and cared for by us since 1924. Visit us to unearth our fascinating past by discovering what life was really like at Chedworth Roman villa.

Tales of woad

Find out how ingenious Roman Britons dyed, spun and wove their cloth with our demonstrations.

Fun and games

Relax like a Roman and learn how to play popular board and dice games.

Dormice and snails

Discover the culinary habits of Roman Britons with both weird and familiar ingredients by trying a recipe yourself.

Our archaeology

The development project will protect newly revealed Roman mosaics © Paul Harris

The development project will protect newly revealed Roman mosaics

Chedworth Roman Villa is most famous for its mosaic floors and artefacts.

The site also has 2km of Roman walls, bathhouses, hypocaust systems and a water shrine.

Look out for live archaeology events across the year.

Hands on history

The Victorian museum at Chedworth © National Trust

The Victorian museum at Chedworth

Visit the newly refurbished Victorian museum for close encounters with artefacts and the people who unearthed them.

Delve deeper

There's lots to uncover at Chedworth © National Trust

There's lots to uncover at Chedworth

If you would like to digest more of Chedworth Roman Villa's past, we've an extensive list of articles, books and papers for you to browse.