Our work

West Range protected through building work in 2011 © National Trust

West Range protected through building work in 2011

Our recent transformation project

The site underwent a huge transformation during 2011 and we're very proud of the end result. Come and visit us to see what we've done to make the site more enjoyable for visitors and more sympathetic to the important West Range mosaics.

  • New walkways allow you to walk directly above the precious mosaics © National Trust/ SWNS

    Better access to the mosaics

    Get up close and personal with the in-situ 4th-century mosaics via the suspended walkways that have been installed in the new West Range cover building.

  • Hand painted Roman-style murals in the Salway Room © Chris Fothergill

    The Salway Room

    Following the project we now have a purpose-built education and learning room ideal for school groups and private talks.

  • Buy a gift for a loved one at the Chedworth Roman Villa shop © National Trust/Nicki Folland

    New visitor centre

    We  created a new visitor centre which holds visitor reception, toilets, the cafe and the shop - much better than the temporary loos and tea tent we had in 2011.

  • See the newly uncovered mosaic corridor at Chedworth Roman Villa © Chris Lacey

    Newly uncovered mosaics

    Over the summer of 2012 the in-situ mosaic corridor at the front of the West Range was uncovered and carefully cleaned.

  • The development project will protect newly revealed Roman mosaics © Paul Harris

    More excavations planned

    We're planning to uncover even more mosaics over the next few years - look out for live archaeology and conservation on site.

    We're also hoping to build another new cover building over the North Range, funds permitting. We'll keep you posted.