50 things to do before you're 11¾ at Chedworth

Chedworth Roman Villa is nestled in the middle of the Cotswold countryside and provides many opportunities to tick some of the '50 things' off your list. These activities are self-led, but you can pick up the booklet while you're with us, or buy the full book and supporting equipment such as binoculars, a compass and bug jars from our shop.

Family Tracker packs are available to borrow from reception and are great for children under seven. These packs contain all the bits you need to hunt and identify bugs and support other '50 things' activities. Please note there are a limited number of packs, so we may run out on busy days.

One of the things we would ask you not to do at Chedworth is 'set up a snail race'. Our site is home to Roman Snails, which are protected; only specially trained people are licensed to handle these snails. Thank you for helping us to protect these special creatures.

Here are the top ten things to do at Chedworth.

    Run around in the rain

    Legs in wellies splashing through a puddle/Guy Harrop

    Even when it's raining Chedworth is a beautiful place to be. So bring your wellies and splash through those puddles.


    Make a trail with sticks

    A photograph of a child making a stick trail at Dudmaston

    Use sticks as arrows and mark a path through the woods behind the villa.

    What will you find as you explore the woodland?

    Go on a walk barefoot

    Photo of boy

    You'll not want to put your shoes back on when you've felt the tickly grass between your toes.

    Feel the difference between grass and stone pathways.

    Make a grass trumpet

    A grass trumpet in action

    Blow into a blade of grass and start up the band.



    Hunt for bugs

    Identifying bugs

    What's the creepiest crawly you can find?

    Catch a falling leaf

    From an original print by Stephen Taylor Paintings

    It's harder than you think.

    Discover what's in a pond

    Child studies a frog sitting on her hand

    Head to the Nymphaeum at the top of the site and see what lurks beneath the surface.

    Make a home for a wild animal

    Child collects sticks under tree at Charlecote Park

    It's not just dogs, cats and hamsters that need homes.

    Go bird watching

    Going bird watching

    Keep silent as a mouse and watch the birds at play. What will you see?

    Find your way with a map and compass

    Compass learning at Hafield Forest

    You'll never get lost with these trusty tools.

How many did you tick off at Chedworth?