Re-capturing the views

The views will be opened up

The views will be opened up

This year’s garden project is to reinstate some of the lost sea views. Some historically less important trees towards the lower section of the garden will be felled or topped, to re-frame those sea vistas that were so important to the D’Oyly Carte’s and are part of what makes this landscape so special.

Save the Gazebo roof

Help to replace the roof by buying a raffle ticket

Funds raised from the raffle ticket sales this year will go towards replacing the Gazebo roof; please help us achieve this by purchasing a raffle ticket from the entrance to the house for just £1.

This month...

  • This season sees us spoilt for choice in the gardens. The warmth, rain and resulting rapid growth, could make this the best floral show we have seen
  • Lady Dorothy loved Hydrangeas, and in the lower garden their blue, purple, pink and white flowers are at their best right now
  • Vibrant pink and red Lampranthus, with daisy-like flowers on the top terrace are creating a bit of a stir
  • There is so not to be missed in the gardens this month, such as puya berteroniana; its first flowers are just opening now. To see for yourself follow the level grass path along the house terrace to the gazebo border and it will be on your left
  • At the gazebo, also look out for Szechuan strawberry (Cornus Kousa), a flowering tree, with white flower like leaves that are turning pink

Join the team

Have you ever thought about volunteering in this amazing garden? Whatever your skills or experience, there is a role for you. But why not hear about it straight from one of our volunteers?

Bring your walking boots

Free daily garden walk

The garden team lead a free daily tour of the garden  © Tony Cobley

Every day at 2pm one of the garden team leads a free walk and talk around the garden. It's the perfect opportunity to find out about the history of the garden, see the best plants in flower and ask our expert team any questions.

Coastal views

A walk through the garden leads to the south west coast path  © Tony Cobley

A walk down to the bottom of the garden is rewarded with coastal views. On the way you will pass tall bamboo, swathes of hydrangeas and stately trees that create a shelter-belt for the exotic garden.

Stretch your legs

Two walkers in the woods at Coleton Fishacre © Tony Cobley

With a designated dog route around the garden, woodland and coastal paths, there is so much to explore either with dog or without.

RHS partner garden

As Coleton Fishacre is an RHS accredited garden, RHS members are welcome to visit for free every Saturday.

Rill garden

This garden is filled with plants with pastel flowers, as this was the view from Lady Dorothy's room, and these were her favourites. The gently flowing rill (or small stream) cuts down the centre.

Visiting volunteers lend a helping hand

The visiting volunteers raked grass clippings from a large bank © Exeter NTV

The visiting volunteers raked grass clippings from a large bank

A group of volunteers from Exeter NTV come to Coleton Fishacre from time to time, and get to work in the garden with big tasks which help the garden team out no-end. On their last visit, the visiting volunteers raked the West Bank clear of grass clippings, which gave lots of nutrient-rich fuel to add to the compost bins.

Visiting volunteers lend a helping hand

The hard work of the Exeter NTV group was invaluable © National Trust

The hard work of the Exeter NTV group was invaluable

A group of volunteers from Exeter NTV came to Coleton Fishacre's rescue, by clearing the damage done by two falling pine trees in the winter storms. These trees had fallen in the Tree Fern Glade, damaging tree ferns and leaving a wake of debris. Ten visiting volunteers spent the whole day clearing the area; chopping, stripping limbs, burning waste and even weeding.

It has enabled the Tree Fern Glade to be restored to its former glory - bluebells are now thriving where there were previously brambles. The garden team are hugely grateful for their help.