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A 1920s country retreat complete with luxuriant garden by the sea

Travel back in time to the Jazz Age at the country home of the D'Oyly Carte family.

You can lose yourself in the RHS accredited garden: viewpoints give enticing glimpses out to sea, paths weave through glades past tranquil ponds, and tender plants from the Mediterranean, South Africa and New Zealand thrive in the moist and sheltered valley.

This most evocative of country homes, built in the Arts & Crafts style, is imbued with 1920s' elegance. A light, joyful atmosphere fills the rooms and music plays, echoing the family's Gilbert and Sullivan connections.

Glimpse life 'upstairs and downstairs' in this award winning place, from the glamorous Saloon to the light and airy servants' rooms. Coleton Fishacre received a bronze award for large visitor attraction of the year at the 2014 Visit Devon Awards, as well as two silver awards at the English Riviera and South Devon Tourism and Hospitality Awards.

Outdoor theatre: 'The Secret Garden'

Bring a picnic and enjoy a speical outdoor theatre performance

Bring a picnic and enjoy a speical outdoor theatre performance

Saturday 1 August, 6.30-9pm

Chapterhouse Theatre comes to Coleton Fishacre to present their take on the classic story of Secret Garden. Bring along a picnic and settle down for a wonderful performance.

Conservation in action

The bowling green lawn is one of the sunniest spots in the garden

At the moment there is scaffolding at the back of the house, to allow essential conservation work to be carried out. Don't worry though, it won't be visible from the front or inside of the house.

Summer fun

This summer bring your family for a fun-packed visit. There are laundry days, 50 things to do before you're 11¾ events, trails, an outdoor theatre performance to enjoy and the new wild play area to discover. 

South West coast video

This year is all about celebrating the South West coast.

It provides the backdrop to generations of family memories (bucket and spade holidays anyone?).

The coast gives us a connection to our island heritage and is home to a rich array of marine and coastal wildlife.

Watch the video above to see what makes the South West coast so special.