Things to see & do


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See how many squirrels you can spot in and around the castle, or find out all about the history of Compton with a children's trail. Just ask one of our team when you arrive.

Don't miss...

Compton Castle Rose Garden

  • The rose garden, the perfect place to sit and relax
  • The medieval kitchen detached from the castle
  • A model of Sir Humphrey Gilbert's ship the Squirrel
  • The inner tower built to help defend the castle

50 things to do

A young boy enjoys flying a kite in the fresh air 

Our list of 50 things to do before you're 11¾  will set you on your own adventure. At Compton you can:

  • Make a daisy chain
  • Hunt for bugs
  • Set up a snail race
  • Run around in the rain

Martagon lillies left and ox-eye daisies right © Martin Farhall

Martagon lillies left and ox-eye daisies right

Flowers in the orchard

There is a small orchard in the gardens here, where the garden team leave the grass to grow to encourage wild flowers, and mow a couple of paths through the centre. At the moment the best wild flowers to see are Martagon lilies, a native to North West Europe and North West Asia, and the ox-eye daisy (one of 29 common names listed for it by the RHS), which is our largest native member of the daisy family.

Eventually the grass will have to be cut, so come along and enjoy the flower-filled orchard and explore the paths through weaving through while it's at its best.