For families

Come rain or shine

Fun whatever the weather 

Fun whatever the weather

Explore Coughton Court come rain or shine with our new family activity cards.
Let your imagination run wild with 'Puddles of Fun' and 'Pictures in the Sky'.

Get dressed up

Children dressing up at Coughton Court © Chloe Steele

Children dressing up at Coughton Court

Open up the huge wardrobe in the Tapestry Bedroom and you could dress up and waltz around like the Lady or Master of the house.

Then admire your new look in the full length mirror, for big kids too.

House activities

Children playing at Coughton Court © Ian Steele

Children playing at Coughton Court

Look out for the cat and mouse, jigsaws, a tea party and other games as you explore the house.

In the saloon, there are children’s books to sit and relax with by the fire.

Hide and Seek

Can you find somewhere good to hide? © John Millar

Can you find somewhere good to hide?

There are so many places to hide. Can you find a really good one?

If you prefer to seek can you find the new carved grandfather clock somewhere outside? Clue: It is not in the gardens.

Garden activities

Who will win? © Chloe Steele

Who will win?

Fancy a game of hoopla or challenge your family to build a toppling tower of blocks.

Our garden games are out everyday come rain or shine, so come along and join in the fun.

Elephants at Coughton?

Spot the elephant in the room at Coughton Court © National Trust

Spot the elephant in the room at Coughton Court

Look out for the elephants at Coughton. The Throckmorton family crest includes an elephant - a sign of great strength and ambition. How many elephants can you count around the house? Search high and low, they might be hiding anywhere; from towering above your head to right beneath your feet.


Our wildlife

Our Jacob Sheep © Natoinal Trust

Our Jacob Sheep

Look out for our flying friendly neighbours, such as the local ducks and the array of birds that fly by. Plus if you’re lucky, just by the play area, our woolly friends the Jacob sheep may be in residence.

We hope you enjoy the games found in our Activity Shed. © Bill Alloway

We hope you enjoy the games found in our Activity Shed.

And there's more

  • Our playground  is currently closed but our Activity Hut has had a makeover with some new games to play.
  • Food and drink: Try the children's snack-pack or let them enjoy their own hot meal
  • Coach House shop: Take home a furry friend with our selection of woodland animals
  • Baby changing and toilet facilities can be found within the Stableyard
  • Pushchairs can be stored under the staircase while visiting the house. We have hip seats for small children