Meet Katherine Foggon, house steward at Cragside

Katherine Foggon, House Steward at Cragside © National Trust / Barry Pells

Katherine Foggon, House Steward at Cragside

Katherine Foggon
House steward

Worked at Cragside for 9 years
Katherine came to Cragside over 9 years ago as a Conservation Assistant after working as a Catering Manager for Northumberland County Council for 10 years.
Katherine says: “It was quite a change for me but I had experience of customer service, cash handling and managing staff which have all come in useful during my time at Cragside.”

What does the role involve?
“It involves conservation, supervising staff, managing the house’s visitor experience, house maintenance, health and safety, volunteer management to name but a few! I think the diversity of my role often surprises people, if I am out and about in the house the visitors often think I am a volunteer, they don’t expect to see paid staff getting involved with the day to day running of the house.”

Best part of the job?
“My favourite part of the job is seeing our visitors enjoy their visit, it makes all the hard work worth it.”

What filming were you involved in?
“I have been involved in several areas of filming, talking about the work conservators do, giving conservation demonstrations with Michael Buerk, organising volunteers doing cooking demonstrations.”

Any memorable filming moments?
“It has to be doing a conservation in action demonstration with Michael Buerk, he made it fun and we had a good laugh.”