Top 10 things to do at Croome

There's always something new to see at Croome and this year is no different. Read on for the top ten things to do at Croome.

    The scaffold

    A view of Croome Court as the scaffold is constructed around the building

    If you've got a head for heights, climb the scaffold to the very top as the repair to Croome Court gets under way. Take a tour of special sections of the scaffold normally off limits.

    Café in the sky

    A cup of tea looking over the view of the park at Croome

    That's not all. Climb to the top of the scaffold will be rewarded with a magnificent view and a stop off at the relaxing Sky Café which will sit right at the top of the scaffold structure looking out over the park.

    Discover the secret Walled Garden

    Chris and Karen Cronin, the owners of the Walled Garden, sit in the Rose Garden

    We opened the privately owned walled garden in partnership with the Cronin family last year for three days. It was so popular we're opening more regularly in 2015 so more of our visitors can get a chance to go behind the closed doors.

    Croome Court uncovered

    A family have a go at stone carving at Croome Court

    See behind the scenes of the repair work as we focus on different aspects of the intricate conservation work throughout the year with tours, demonstrations, trails, lectures, displays and hands-on activities for adults and children.

    Image by Catriona Hughes.

    A chinese reconstruction

    A detail focussing on the Chinese Bridge from Wilson

    The mid-18th century Chinese Bridge which used to span the river by Croome Court is a bit of a local legend. With only foundations remaining today, uncovered by archaeological investigations, the original bridge disappeared from the river banks leaving no photographs to record its grand scale. Thanks to £200,000 of funding from the Monument 85 Fund we're carefully reconstructing the wooden bridge which will be ready this July.

    Design a shoe

    Shoe maker Maud van den Broecke sits at her sewing machine to create a new pair of shoes

    Sitting alongside Soul to Sole is a creative workshop which is being used to design and make the pairs of shoes that go on display. Inside the workshop is an opportunity to enter the Design A Shoe competition where the winning design will be made and put on display in Soul to Sole. Get drawing in the basement or take the entry form home with you to work on.

    The lost tapestries

    Close up detail of tapestry in tapestry room at Osterley, London.

    Discover the incredible story of Robert Adam's Tapestry Room of Croome Court, from its intricate creation to its heart-breaking loss.

    Birds in trees

    One of the 8 birds in the trees at Croome

    Spot some very special birds out in the park which are modeled on Croome's Golden Pheasants from the lost 18th century menagerie. All 8 can be found throughout the park hiding in the trees and have been designed by up coming artists and local schools.

    Be a time explorer

    Children working out the secret messages during the Time Explorer game in Croome Court

    Try the new and imaginative family trail around Croome Court, Time Explorers. Adventure around the house and test your wits to see if you can work out the hidden message to discover the secret...

    Wartime buildings still to save

    One of RAF Defford Sick Quarter

    Following the success of the newly opened RAF Defford Museum in a restored part of the old second world war sick quarters, we're hoping to raise more funds to restore the remaining buildings that are left around the visitor centre which are close to collapse.