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Looking after the countryside

Heathland restoration

Lowland heath is a rare and important habitat in the UK. At Danbury we've been working tirelessly to restore this precious heathland. On Danbury common we cannot manage the land by grazing, so we use tractors.


Traditionally, trees were coppiced for firewood, thatching spars, hurdle fencing and fence posts amongst other things. When coppicing, stems are cut at ground level to allow for plentiful regrowth in the spring.

Pond creation

At Danbury Common, the ponds provide a great habitat for a wide range of wildlife such as newts, frogs and grass snakes. They also provide the perfect nursery for dragonfly larvae.

Join in

Volunteering in the great outdoors can provide you with many opportunities. It can improve your CV, you'll make new friends and you can give something back.

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