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Peak District Ranger Team © NT Peak District

Peak District Ranger Team

Our team

In the Peak District we have a wide range of varied roles to cover our vast estate and the many things we do here, including moorland conservation and restoration, education groups & learning centres, shops and tea-rooms, accommodation, our annual events programme, tree safety work, dry stone walling, fence building and much more.

High Peak Moors Vision and Plan

A  50 year vision for Kinder 

A 50 year vision for Kinder

A year on since we launched the High Peak Moors Vision and Plan, some changes to the landscape are already beginning to show. Peat bogs are getting healthier, hen harriers have nested and thousands of trees have been planted. Find out more about how our vision is already being realised and watch the video made by one of our rangers..

Kinder Catchment Project

The Estate Ranger Team Gully Blocking on Kinder © National Trust

The Estate Ranger Team Gully Blocking on Kinder

The Kinder Catchment Project was set up, funded and driven forwards by United Utilities, the National Trust and Natural England. As a water catchment area, Kinder Scout needs to be able to store more water in its soil. The degraded areas of bare peat have resulted in soil running off into the reservoirs but the work of this project aims stem the flow.

Cotton Grass

swathes of cotton grass sweep the Dark Peak moors

Every year we plant about 30,000 cotton grass plants on Kinder to help stabilise the peat so it doesn't wash away. Some plants are grown by a supplier and some are grown in Hayfield allotments by local people. In early summer the cotton grass looks its best with its fluffy white heads and is a sign of healthy wet peat soil.

Moorland Fire Fighting

Used as the only nearby water reserve to fight moorland fires

Used as the only nearby water reserve to fight moorland fires

Our moorland sites are all of national importance and contain sensitive wildlife and habitat. If a moorland fire were to break out, the consequences could be devastating and so we have plans in place in order to tackle the fires as and when they occur.