Romans in Carmarthenshire

Roman audio trails at Dolaucothi

Dolaucothi is part of the Romans in Carmarthenshire Project. This project brings to life the personal stories of Celts and the Romans in the area. A self-guide trail to the five projects involved is coming soon, allowing visitors to be a Roman or a Celt for the day.

Listen to the Roman story

As part of the Romans in Carmarthenshire project we have created an audio trail allowing you to explore the history of the Romans and how they shaped Dolaucothi's landscape.

Romans at Dolaucothi

Dolaucothi gold mines are the only known Roman gold mines in the UK. You can still see the pick marks made by their hand tools, which they used to burrow through Dolaucothi's landscape.

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    The amphitheatre is thought to be one of only seven surviving examples in the UK.

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Supporters of the Romans in Carmarthenshire project

The Romans in Carmarthenshire Project is a Heritage Tourism Project supported by the Welsh Government through Cadw and further supported by the European Regional Development Fund.