The wider estate

Take a walk through our woodlands and enjoy all it has to offer © National Trust

Take a walk through our woodlands and enjoy all it has to offer

Dudmaston Estate has lots of offer with managed woodlands, beautiful walks and tranquil pools - a real haven for wildlife. The estate is run sustainably with conservation at the heart of everything we do. If a tree has to be removed every piece of it is used, whether for logs, furniture or woodchip for our boilers - nothing goes to waste.  A lot of work has been undertaken during the winter to open up the original views from and into the Dingle, please come and find a new view.

Three Pools Walk

Three Pools Walk map 

Three Pools Walk map

A short walk taking in the three pools; a haven for wildlife whatever the season.

Distance: 1 3/4 miles

Estate Walk

Captain Geoffreys Estate Walk 

Captain Geoffreys Estate Walk

A more challenging walk through the wider estate, taking in all five pools, woodland and parkland.

Distance: 4.5 miles

Woodland Walk

Captain Geoffreys Woodland Walk 

Captain Geoffreys Woodland Walk

A longer walk through the Dudmaston Estate and woodland.

Distance:  5.5 miles

Walk the wider estate

Three Pools Walk map © NTPL

Three Pools Walk map

We have a number of walking routes on the estate. Whether you’re looking for a half-hour stroll through the Dingle or a two-hour ramble across the estate, we have something to offer. All our routes are way marked and easy to follow.

Get on your bike

Get on your bikes and bring the whole family into our woods for a great adventure. Whether you’re experienced or just a beginner our mountain bike route through the woods is a fantastic way to take in the scenery. Open 365 days per year this is a great way to enjoy all the seasonal changes on this beautiful part of the estate.

Bring your paws

Why not help our Rangers by becoming a Roving Ranger?

Have a four-legged friend? Then why not walk our estate? Comer Wood is open to dog walkers 365 days a year. If you’re a regular Dudmaston walker, you could become one of our Roving Rangers and help us keep Dudmaston special.

Woodland products

We make a whole range of things in our workshop

Do you know that we produce firewood, or that many of the benches at other National Trust properties are made at Dudmaston? From bug boxes to tables there’s always something happening in our workshop.

Love wildlife

Our wildlife are thriving. What will you find?

Our estate is brimming with wildlife and our Rangers work hard to manage the estate in a way that helps them thrive. Of the 225 varieties of solitary bee, we have 90 living here; we also have a large colony of White Admiral butterfly. Love dragonflies? Explore around Big Pool for a fantastic display.