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Hallowe'en Fun Day

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Children's Activity Days

Trails, crafts and more. There's lots of fun to be had on our activity days

Join us on the Monday and Wednesday of half-term week and see if you can help our resident Apothecary. It’s time to brew his many potions and lotions in readiness for Hallowe’en but some crucial ingredients are missing! Armed only with an ancient map take a trail around our gardens to locate them all and make a pet puppet or ghost to take home.

Fifty things

We've decided on our top 10, but will you agree?

We've decided on our top 10, but will you agree?

With such a diverse estate it is possible for you to complete over 30 of the fifty things to do at Dudmaston. The team have been working hard to try them all for you and we have come up with our top ten list of things to do. Why not take and look and see where it will lead you today.

Play area

Basket swings are great fun. How many of your friends can you get on?

Let the children blow off steam in our adventure play area while you sit nearby and enjoy a well deserved cup of tea and a slice of cake. Bring all their friends and see just how many people a basket swing can hold; and then watch as they become a mountaineers and climb the tower face. With equipment for all ages to enjoy this is sure to be the most popular place for the children to visit.

Have a picnic

Our picnic boxes ar full of lovely treats

Head to the tea-room and keep the children happy with one of our 50 things picnic boxes. With lots of lovely treats and seeds to grow at home they are sure to keep the most ravenous of your group satisfied.

Uncover the Hall

See how many facts you can gather in our fun quiz through the Hall

Our Hall is a place of contrasts, a family home with art galleries as well. Pick up your trail at the Hall entrance and see if you can solve all the clues along the way.