The garden

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The 'informal' garden

Dudmaston’s garden has year round appeal, with many different varieties of plants and a rolling landscape leading the eye across Big Pool and onto the Shropshire Hills beyond. They are popular with young and old for their 'informal' relaxed ambiance.

Summer is when the garden blooms and our gardeners are working hard to keep them at their best. Why not have a chat to them when you see them working to hear more about our garden vision or to pick up some tips.


From plot to plate

Find all our seasonakl vegetables with a stroll through the kitchen garden

Our Kitchen Garden grows a full range of seasonal vegetables which are used by our tea-room to create delicious food for you. Why not take a look at our recipes and see what you can create with the family at home?

We are planning the vegetable garden for the Spring, and I shall prune the roses soon, mid-March here. The snow has battered them. I have seen a few short-stemmed primroses and buds of hypatica (anemone)

Rachel Lady Labouchere

Extract from her diary 2 March 1952

August jobs for your garden

  • Sow hardy annuals like Viola, Cosmos, Larkspur, Calendula, Cornflower and Poppies to get an early flower next spring.
  • Deadhead any flowers, unless you’re collecting seed.
  • Pinch out the tops of outdoor tomatoes, as further flowers are unlikely to produce ripe fruits
  • Continue cutting grass but it will slow down in times of high temperature and low rainfall

The Wildflower Border begins to bloom

The wildflower border is beginning to bloom © National Trust

The wildflower border is beginning to bloom

 The rockery top border was cleared in early 2014 to eradicate an outbreak of Phytophthora and wildflowers were planted for the summer. This proved to be so popular with visitors that we have decided to continue it for this year. Some of last years planting has already started to bloom with some lovely shades of orange marigolds. New planting has taken place so join us during the summer and watch how the colours change.

The Rockery re-opens

Rebuilt just in time for the summer © National Trust

Rebuilt just in time for the summer

 During the autumn of 2014, the Rockery experienced a small collapse which meant that it had to be closed. This gave National Trust surveyors the perfect opportunity to take a close look at the construction of this beautiful structure, especially the unusual herringbone effect and decide how best to conserve it. In the past few weeks, stonemasons have been reconstructing the damaged area and their work is now complete. Take a look when next in the garden, the effect is like a work of art