The gardens

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The formal gardens

Dudmaston’s gardens have year-round appeal, with many different varieties of plants and a rolling landscape leading the eye across Big Pool and onto the Shropshire Hills beyond.

The gardens are spectacular in spring when the spring-flowering bulbs, rhododendrons and azaleas bring a fantastic splash of colour and the promise of a long summer ahead. Sir George was a keen collector of auriculas and this is a tradition that our head gardener continues today, so don’t forget to look for the auricula theatre when you visit to witness a wonderful display.

From plot to plate

Find all our seasonakl vegetables with a stroll through the kitchen garden

Our Kitchen Garden grows a full range of seasonal vegetables which are used by our tea-room to create delicious food for you. Why not take a look at our recipes and see what you can create with the family at home?

We are planning the vegetable garden for the Spring, and I shall prune the roses soon, mid-March here. The snow has battered them. I have seen a few short-stemmed primroses and buds of hypatica (anemone)

Rachel Lady Labouchere

Extract from her diary 2 March 1952

Gardener's diary

Meet our gardeners, discover our plant of the month and take a trip through the gardens on our summer sculpture trail. Download this month’s Gardener’s Diary to find out more.

All about apples

All our apple trees have labels. How many different varieties can you find?

All our apple trees have labels. How many different varieties can you find?

Did you know that we have 19 different varieties of apple in the orchard at Dudmaston? There are eight different orchards and cider in production on the estate. The apples are pressed every year and last year’s pickings have produced a wonderful apple juice that we are selling on the property through our shop, so next time you visit be sure to call in and pick up bottle. Our annual Orchard Day event is a fantastic way of celebrating everything great about apples and is the perfect opportunity for you to get the whole family involved through baking and making.

Jobs for August

  • Continue weeding borders
  • Pinch out the tops of outdoor tomatoes, as futher flowers are unlikely to produce ripe tomatoes
  • Water plants regularly when the weather is dry
  • Continue cutting grass but it will slow down in times of high temperature and low rainfall
  • Deahead any flowers, unless you're collecting the seed
  • Prune your hedges to keep them looking neat
  • Stake any tall or floppy plants
  • Harvest young marrows but leave some to fully ripen
  • Sow hardy annuals like Viola, Cosmos, Larkspur to get early flowers next Spring
Find out what Mark's latest expeditions into the garden have entailed © National Trust

Find out what Mark's latest expeditions into the garden have entailed

Check out Mark's blog

Want to know what’s happening in the garden when you’re not around or keep up to date with all the latest happenings? Why not check out our Assistant Gardener’s blog and find out what he has been getting up to?