Treasures from the Collection

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The collection at Dunham, amassed over the past 300 years by the Booth and Grey families, is one of the largest in the National Trust, numbering over 25,000 objects.

The Booths and Greys

Rather than throw things away, the family stored their possessions, leaving a varied and occasionally unexpected range of objects. The changes, brought about by the recreation of the Stamford Hospital, offered a unique opportunity to show some of these treasures in a different way.

Treasures from the collection

After you’ve visited the Stamford Hospital you’ll find Treasures from the Collection, an exhibition bringing together some of the items that have been moved from the hospital rooms, bringing a new perspective to the collection. Away from the busy setting of their historic rooms these treasures shine as individual pieces. This year you will see personal objects belonging to the two earls we treasure for shaping the collection. The items on display have been singled out because of the fascinating way in which they can reveal the careful planning and meticulous archiving of George Booth, 2nd Earl of Warrington, and Roger Grey, 10th Earl of Stamford.

What’s in the exhibition?

It's hard to define as there’s quite a variety; from beautiful, decorative objects to practical items kept ‘just in case’, fine ceramics and sturdy furniture, and items that are representative of Booths and Greys who have lived at Dunham over the centuries. Together the objects in this room show the earls' shared determination to succeed and dedication to home and family possessions, and how this shaped the collection.