Details for dogs

Take a walk around the castle gardens

Take a walk around the castle gardens

Please ask your owner to keep you on a short leash around the castle gardens. You are welcome to accompany them into the stables and the shop but we ask that you resist the urge to roam around the gardens on your own.

A walk to wag about

Ask your owner to download our lovely one mile walk, or simply do walkies around the gardens at your own speed.

You'll find lots of nooks and crannies to sniff around in whichever route you take.

Parkland play time

Our parkland is the perfect place to roam around and give your master or mistress a good workout.

There's also the River Avill where you can take a dip and shake, or maybe roll around a little for a cleansing mud bath.

Time for a treat?

The Dunster Water Mill tea-room is quite happy for you to sit with your family in the outside seating area. (If you're lucky, they might pass you a tasty titbit from their plates.)

Alternatively you can bring your own doggy bag and sit at one of the benches in the picnic area, or around the grounds.