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Family trail

Take time to look at the plants in the conservatory at Dunster Castle

Pick up a free family trail from the castle desk and discover seventeenth-century coins, a stuffed Wapiti, and a very secret passageway.


Eighteenth century medicine bottles, Dunster Castle and Gardens

Discover Dunster Castle's diverse collection of paintings, silver, furniture and porcelain on the National Trust Collections website.

A great estate

Dunster Castle in its dramatic setting overlooking Dunster village

Dunster Castle was once the centre of a great estate, which included forests, farms and land. However in the 1950s much of the estate was sold to cover death duties. Find out more about the Dunster estate as it stands today.

Don't miss

  • Banging the gong to announce your arrival
  • Laying a table setting in the Butler's Pantry
  • Peering into the secret passageway in the King Charles room
  • Exploring the kitchens on a free tour
  • Taking a seat in the Morning Room with the daily papers

Anyone for snooker?

Challenge your friends to a game of snooker

Challenge your friends to a game of snooker

Challenge your friends and family to a game of snooker in the Billiard Room. Take aim and pot the black in this room designed for the men of the Luttrell family.