The crypt relives its past as a goods-in entrance © Abbie Thorne

The crypt relives its past as a goods-in entrance

Explore the crypt

Enter through the crypt door and be transported back to how it may have looked in 1910. Packed with crates,
barrels and produce the crypt would have been where deliveries were made.

Consider how cold it would have been for the servants who had to work down here and listen to the scullery maids' gossip above, as their voices waft down the slop shoot from years gone by.

The ghost room

Next visit the ghost room, if you dare. Heed the warning of 'by all means explore, but do explore with care' given
to you as you enter. See if you can catch a glimpse of a ghost lurking in the ghost cellar or use the special torch
to unearth the castle's ghostly hot spots. If you're brave enough, take a seat and listen to the ghostly tales of the
extraordinary ordinary told by volunteers, staff and members of the Luttrell family. Also take this chance to view
our ghostly photographs on display.

Our archive

If ghostly photographs are a little too spooky for you, visit the archive room to learn more about the history of the
castle and see some of the old photos from our archive. Uncover how the castle has changed over time and the role
that the Luttrell family has played in these changes.

See our bats

If you're batty about bats or just want to learn more about these remarkable little mammals then head to the bat
room with its live video link to the lesser horseshoe roost in a turret of Tenants' Hall. You can watch the bats on
screen as they scratch, preen and flap around.

Who can you scare with your shadow?

Strike a ghostly pose © Liz Summers

Strike a ghostly pose

Grab one of the props out the barrel and practise your pose. Hold up a helmet or one of the weapons and see what people think of your spooky shadow.

Take a peek at some ghostly photos

Explore the ghostly crypt © Dave Tonkin

Explore the ghostly crypt

Dunster Castle is said to be the second most haunted National Trust site. Take a look at the ghostly photos and see if it causes the hairs on the back of your neck to rise.

Got a photo or story to share?

Seen a ghostly sight? © Sandra Hall

Seen a ghostly sight?

Have you had a ghostly experience at Dunster or taken a photo that just can not be explained? If you want to share it with us we would love to hear from you. Email us or write a letter and send it to Dunster Castle, Dunster, Somerset, TA24 6SL.

Sample our spooky stories

Many spooky tales from Dunster Castle's history can be heard in the crypt.

Stories of soldiers, little girls and dogs are just some of the tales to be heard.

Which bat myths do you believe?

 © Dave Tonkin

Visit the crypt to find out if any of the 'facts' you think you know about bats might just be a myth.

What's in a bat's lunchbox?

Imagine eating as much food as a bat! © Abbie Thorne

Bats eat over 3,000 insects a night. If a bat was human sized and packed a lunchbox it would need 137 sandwiches in it. Visit the crypt to try lifting a bats lunchbox.

Learn how a bat plans its year

How a bat spends its year © Abbie Thorne

Discover what a bat is doing each month of the year. How they spend the summer, prepare for winter and even how they can pause pregnancy.

See our resident bats on the batcam

Life through a lens

A carriage at Dunster Castle, Somerset. © National Trust

A carriage at Dunster Castle, Somerset.

See some of our collection of old black and white photographs in the crypt. Discover more about the history of Dunster by selecting one of six presentations.

Aerial photos

A bird's eye view of Dunster village © National Trust

A bird's eye view of Dunster village

Take a bird's eye view journey over Dunster Castle and the village and see how it has changed in the last 100 years.

Big builds at Dunster Castle

A Victorian workers cabin can be seen in the background © Luttrell Family

A Victorian workers cabin can be seen in the background

Discover the impact of major building works at Dunster since the Victorian period. Learn about the castle's change from fortress to family home and how solar panels help with the castles modern energy needs.

Dunster Castle through the ages

The north front of Dunster Castle before the Salvin alterations. © Luttrell Family

The north front of Dunster Castle before the Salvin alterations.

For over 1000 years a castle has stood on the Dunster site. Discover how this has evolved over time from a Saxons timber fort to a sophisticated family home.

Luttrell family and local life

Alys Luttrell with an Indian Maharaja on the steps of Dunster Castle © National Trust

Alys Luttrell with an Indian Maharaja on the steps of Dunster Castle

Meet the last three generations of the Luttrell family to have lived at Dunster Castle. See how they arranged the castle to suit their needs.

Sporting life

Dunsters polo hey-day © National Trust

Dunsters polo hey-day

Sports played a large role on country estates such as Dunster. The Luttrell's enjoyed hunting, fishing and playing polo. The polo lawns at Dunster have seen many famous faces from Winston Churchill to Indian Maharajas.

Servants: a life below stairs

Dunster's gardeners © National Trust

Dunster's gardeners

See the work spaces that were occupied by the servants and the state of the art devices which were installed in them. Also learn about how the servants used their little leisure time and the spaces in which they resided.