Batty about bats

Take a look at a maternity roost of rare lesser horseshoe bats in Tenants' Hall. These winged wonders love the empty towers as it gives them plenty of space to stretch their wings, as one little pup demonstrates in this video.

We love our bats so much we've dedicated a room to them in our Crypt. Find out how a bat plans its year, and test your bat knowledge with our bat facts.

Pond life

Discover a new world

Peer into our pond on the South Terrace and watch our resident fish gliding through the water. Keep your eye out for the new arrival, a garden frog.


Try out the log stepping stones in the river garden at Dunster Castle

From green open parkland, to wooded paths and riverside walks there's a diverse range of habitats for you to explore and the wildlife to enjoy.

Share your photos

Bee and Hoverfly on a flower

Have you taken any super snaps of wildlife around the castle and gardens? If so, we'd love to see your photos, get in touch with us here.

More wildlife to discover

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