The arboretum at Dyffryn Gardens

Get outdoors and enjoy the autumn colours © Jennie Woodcock

Get outdoors and enjoy the autumn colours

Dyffryn's arboretum began its life as a nursery for plants intended for the garden. Over the years it's developed into one of the most horticulturally important areas of the garden. With 22 acres of arboretum waiting for you to explore, it's a great spot for playing hide and seek, blackberry picking or even just a run about.

Champion trees
The arboretum houses 17 ‘Champion Trees’. This means they are trees that are the largest in the British Isles. Some of Dyffryn’s champion trees date back to as early as the 18th century, being so old they are a real spectacle of size.

Some of our best Champion Trees to look out for are Acer Griseum (paper bark maple), Carpinus Betulus ‘Fastigiata’, Ulmus Parvifolia (Chinese elm) and the Cornus and primitive conifer collections.

Today you can see these incredible trees interspersed in wild flower meadows by walking along mown paths. This area is a real hot spot for wildflower and wildlife lovers with its abundance of creepy crawlies, squirrels, birds, bats and hedgehogs.

Autumn leaves
We also have a cider apple orchard, pear trees and several horse chestnut trees, which are great for collecting conkers in the autumn. So pull on your wellies, collect some conkers and explore and enjoy the fiery colours of autumn.