Our work

Safeguarding Dyrham Park's future

Crane lifts scaffold at Dyrham Park

Crane lifts scaffold at Dyrham Park

We're currently working on a project to replace the leaking roof on our mansion house. Building work takes place throughout 2015 and we will be remaining during this time, with new exhibitions and activities on offer. We'll also be installing a new biomass boiler.

Fundraising for our roof appeal

The major conservation work needed to replace our roof and introduce a new biomass boiler is expected to cost around £3.8m. We have been fundraising towards this and have been hosting selling raffle tickets, undertaking personal challenges and encouraging donations. Thank you to everyone who's supported us so far.

Rediscovering a lost garden

Thanks to funding from Cory Environmental Trust, we are clearing and re-developing the former 17th-century terraces, part of the old Dutch-inspired water garden. This previously hidden area now forms a link between the garden and the park.

Dry stone walling

With 3½ miles of dry stone wall to look after, our park team uses traditional Cotswold materials and methods to create, repair and develop the walls, an important part of managing the deer park. Our experts also teach others this age-old skill in short courses for visitors.

Helping wildflowers thrive

We have a very special wildflower meadow, called Whitefield, next to our car park which comes alive in late spring/early summer with a wealth of colourful flowers. In recent years we've been fortunate enough to witness bee orchids among the grasses, buttercups and clover.

Sharing stories

 With so much conservation taking place across the park, garden and house we've got lots of interesting and important stories to tell and we try to do this, not just in person, but in the local press and online via our website, blog and social media.

Conserving the collection

Conserving the collection at Dyrham Park

Conserving the collection at Dyrham Park

 Our house team spend much of the winter packing up the collection in preparation for the roof project. Much of this is now available to see in our Collections store area, where you can learn more about how we care for our collection.