A late 17th-century mansion house

The house is home to a number of styles - from the original 17th-century Dutch-inspired interiors of founder William Blathwayt to the refurbishment by Victorian country squire Colonel Blathwayt and wartime tenant Lady Islington. There are new areas and exhibitions for 2015.

Building Dyrham

An exciting new exhibition in the basement looks at how the mansion was built by owner William Blathwayt in 1692 and the major conservation work currently being carried out to replace the leaking roof.

Collections store

The house team has spent the last few months packing up the collection as a precautionary measure during the roof project. Many of these items have now been displayed in rooms which you’ll be able to see during your visit.

Mr Blathwayt's apartment

Named after Dyrham Park founder, William Blathwayt, this new area allows you to get a taster of what 17th-century life would’ve been like. Appealing to all of your senses – sight, smell, sound, touch and taste.