The heyday of Cornish mining


During the 19th century, Cornwall was the greatest tin-producing region in the world. The openings of large deposits overseas saw the prices fall on the Cornish market and the miners flocking around the globe to seek work elsewhere. The legacy they left behind is one of industrial might and the perseverance of the human spirit.

World Heritage Site


East Pool Mine is part of one of the largest World Heritage Sites in the UK. This puts East Pool on a par with international treasures such as the pyramids, Stonehenge and the great wall of China.

Mining images

A Cornish Miner with tallow candles around his neck © Cornish Studies Library

The Cornish Studies Library has kindly granted us permission to use the historical images on this website.

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Dig a little deeper

East Pool and Agar Mine

Miners in East Pool using a mechanical drill

East Pool was one of many workings in the district. Competition between mines was rife but they had to work together to prevent the mines flooding.

What did it do and how did it work?

The 'bob' at the top of the beam engine, one of the largest of its kind © Apexnewspix

How did the engine in Taylor's engine house work and what did it do?