Facilities & access


  • Pub in Askerwell and a variety of amenities in Bridport
  • No toilets on site
  • Dogs welcome
  • Enjoy a picnic with a view
  • Car parks: Lay-by at bottom of hill: Not NT, Free parking, OS SY546942, Coordinates 50.7456190000, -2.6448410000
  • Information point about Eggardon's history and wildlife

Family & children

  • A good spot for kite flying
  • Picnic area


  • Parking on roadside by fort, then 220 to 330yd (200 to 300m) walk to the fort
  • Gate to access the site, then grassy paths
  • Fairly level circular walk on the plateau to the far end of Eggardon, where there are extensive views
  • The ramparts are steep and more challenging