This waterwheel drives the hammers © National Trust

This waterwheel drives the hammers

An authentic Victorian experience

This is an ideal place for all learning areas - from primary schools, to family learning, right through to universities.

We provide an unusual setting to learn in. Experience the sights and sounds of a Victorian working environment, along with practical demonstrations of various aspects of Victorian tool manufacturing.


The power of water ....

The power of water is utilised to drive a variety of machines, including hammers, shears and grindstones.  See how renewable energy was developed and harnessed to power early industry.


Your learning could cover:

  • Last remaining working industrial site on Dartmoor
  • Reasons why water-power developed in Sticklepath
  • Importance of early transport network
  • Readily available workforce from established village


Workers enjoying a well earned break in front of the foundry

The early development of water-power around Dartmoor can still be seen at Finch.  Experience an authentic Victorian workshop and learn about the family and workers that produced hand tools.

Before and after your visit

Guidelines for school visits

Cogs and wheels inspired art © National Trust

Have a look through the guidelines giving details about the foundry, in preparation for your visit.  Please get in touch to arrange a planning visit, which will be helpful in drawing up risk assessments etc.


Why not bring your group here? © National Trust

Feel free to contact us and talk about your requirements and dates. We're happy to talk about specific activities to suit your needs.

Follow-up activities

Take on the role of a Victorian child © National Trust

Some ideas for activities you can do after your visit are:

  • Maps and plans
  • Environmental activities
  • Victorian childhood
  • Role play
  • Descriptive words for sounds
  • Design technology projects
  • Poetry and storytelling

Education Group Membership

Annual membership allows your school to visit all National Trust places free of charge and a free preparation visit for group leaders. This membership is also open to home-educating families.