For families

Climb a huge hill

Get started on your 50 things today and climbe a huge hill © National Trust

Climb Belstone Tor and try and find the mythical Nine Maidens. Amazing views of Dartmoor from the top.

Go bird watching

See how many birds you can spot in the garden © National Trust

Did you know that 70 species of birds were seen in Sticklepath in 2013?  How many can you spot?

Hold a scary beast

Be brave and hold a scary beast © National Trust

Dartmoor is home to loads of weird and wonderful creatures - do you have the nerve to hold one?

Set up a snail race

Have a look for some snails and get started .... © National Trust

Snails love eating our garden. Set up a race and put them to good use.

Learn together at Finch

Learn about the Finch family and dress-up as a Victorian

Finch Foundry employed 27 people in the 19th century and was considered a major employer.  Come and learn what jobs you and the family would have been given back then.

Children's quiz

Can you remember ....

Pick up a quiz sheet in the shop for £2 - there's a range of prizes to choose from when you've finished.

Become a real life Dartmoor explorer

Don't forget to take your activity sheet ....

Don't forget to take your activity sheet ....

Why not try one of the activities below - you can do them any where and any time, but be careful when the rivers are full and fast flowing.  Before you set off, don't forget to ask the grown-ups to read the safety tips (pdf).

Walk in Tom Pearse's footsteps

Starting from the back of Finch Foundry, why not go on this short, circular, riverside walk that all the family should enjoy.

Adventure stick

What treasures can you find on your expedition .... © Froghopper Design

What treasures can you find on your expedition ....

Explore wild landscapes and collect cool discoveries for your adventure stick as you go.

Camouflage mask

See if you can blend into the background © Froghopper Design

See if you can blend into the background

Become a spy, and see what you can see from the undergrowth.

Human camera

Share your favourite place with your friends © Froghopper Design

Share your favourite place with your friends

Take  photographs of lots of different things and places on your adventure.

Nature's orchestra

Get in tune with nature © Froghopper Design

Get in tune with nature

Enjoy nature's music and make your own instruments from what's around you.

Perfect riverside homes

Who would live  here? © Froghopper Design

Who would live here?

Find the ideal home for these creatures.

River snakes

You could find all sorts of things .... © Froghopper Design

You could find all sorts of things ....

See if you can find what the rivers have gobbled up and left on the riverside on their way to the sea.

Slow flow or speedy sprint

Can you keep up with the river? © Froghopper Design

Can you keep up with the river?

Can you work out how fast or slow the river's flowing today?

Top tracker

Who's footprints are these? © Froghopper Design

Who's footprints are these?

See what creatures you can track on this expedition.  You'll need this chart too (pdf).

What's rocking and rolling

I wonder what you'll find? © Froghopper Design

I wonder what you'll find?

Find all sorts of different kinds of pebbles and rocks, smoothed and shaped by the river.

Wonderful words and river rhymes

 © Froghopper Design

Write about the river you see today. You might find our collection of words (pdf) useful.