Find out what work was like in the foundry © Steven Haywood

Find out what work was like in the foundry


Experience the power of water when you see and hear the machinery in operation. Soak up the atmosphere and get an insight into what it must have been like to work here for 10 hours a day in Victorian times.

We have entertaining talks and demonstrations (lasting about 40 minutes), running from 11.15am to 4.15pm.

Big boys' toys

See and hear a huge set of trip hammers working. They weigh ¾ ton and 1¼ tons.

The grindstone was used daily to sharpen up to 400 tools.

Cogs and wheels

The cogs and wheels are part of the intricate mechanism converting water-power to mechanical energy.

Pulleys and levers

Levers are used to control the amount of water used, which in turn governs the speed at which the machinery operates.