Flatford's History


Early records describe a mill involved in 'fulling' cloth and it was called Flotfordmelle.

The Constables' Mill

Flatford Mill was owned by John Constable's father in the eighteenth century.

After the Constables

Flatford Mill ceased to be owned by the Constables in the middle of the nineteenth century.


  • Flatford Lock

    Flatford Lock was originally turf-sided and located about 20 yards north of the present lock.

  • Stour Transport

    The River Stour was made a navigable river by Act of Parliament in 1705.

  • Dry Dock

    Flatford's Dry Dock is the subject of John Constable's painting "Boat Building".

  • Bridge Cottage

    The family living in Bridge Cottage were tenants of the Constable family.

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Willy Lott's House

Willy Lott's House appears in many of Constable's paintings.

Valley Farm

Valley Farm is a fifteenth century open hall farmouse.

Flatford Granary

The Granary was originally a wool store serving Flatford Fulling Mill.