Studley Royal Water Garden

See the reflections in the ponds

See the reflections in the ponds

A vision

Studley Royal Water Garden was a breathtaking vision of John Aislabie and his son William.

In the early 18th-century John Aislabie had great plans to impress visitors to his Yorkshire estate and so turned the wild and wooded valley of the river Skell into one of England’s most spectacular Georgian water gardens.

Where it all began

  • 1200 Small farming communities grow up, including Studlei Magna
  • 1356 Sir Richard Tempest is Lord of Studley
  • 1400 Studley village disappears. The manor house, Studley Hall remains

  • 1452 The Mallory family live at Studley for the next 200 years
  • 1667 George Aislabie of York marries Mary Mallorie of Studley
  • 1693 John Aislabie inherits and begins to plan his water garden
  • 1716 Work starts on the Lake, Canal and Moon Pond

  • 1742 William Aislabie inherits and develops the Water Garden
  • 1742 - 1781 A Chinese garden is added and Studley Hall rebuilt
  • 1767 William buys the Fountains Abbey estate and the two become one
  • 1781 William dies, with the Water Garden much as it is today