Deer Rut

Sika were introduced into the park in the 1970s © Ainley Bisby

Sika were introduced into the park in the 1970s

The deer rut is currently in full swing here at Fountains. The Red and Sika stags and the Fallow bucks are rutting (mating) and competing to establish a group of hinds (female deer). This can be exciting to watch, as the stags can often be heard roaring and sometimes fighting using their antlers.

The stags at this time can be more aggressive, particularly those that have failed to gather together a group of hinds. We want you to be able to enjoy this natural phenomenon safely therefore if you’re visiting the park please take the following precautions.

- please keep to the main tarmac paths in the park

- keep dogs on a short leash

- keep an eye on inquisitive little ones who may wander off

- don't sneak up on the deer, make sure you give them plenty of space

If you’re a photographer hoping to get some great shots please don’t wear camouflage clothing and use as long a lens as possible so that you can keep your distance.

We hope you enjoy this seasonal spectacle.