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Wildflowers in South East Cornwall

The Fowey Estuary

View of Pont Pill taken from the Hall Walk

The wooded tributaries of the Fowey, many of which can be accessed through our footpaths, provide a great opportunity to see wildlife unique to these environments such as red shank and otters.

Pencarrow Head

Pencarrow Head

There's something to see all year round at Pencarrow Head. Dolphins breaching off the headland, peregrines soaring overhead or early purple orchids in the late spring grasslands. A walk to the headland won't disappoint.


One of the many veteran trees that can be found at Ethy near Lerryn

Take a walk through the historic parkland and wooded estuary of the Lerryn river and get to know the veteran trees which are home to nationally important deadwood species of fungi and invertebrates.

Protecting our wildlife


Dormouse asleep in it's nest at Arlington Court © Sharon Ford

Common dormouse can be found in the wooded creeks along the river Fowey. With help from our volunteers we have been monitoring populations and running educational events around these elusive creatures.

Dartmoor ponies

Some of our Dartmoor ponies grazing above Lantic Bay © Sharon Ford

For a number of years we have been using Dartmoor ponies in and around the area of Pencarrow Head. This endangered breed, hardy and very agile has found a great niche helping our efforts to restore the coastal grasslands on the sea cliffs.

Common pipistrelle

A Pipistrelle bat © Derek Smith

Common pipistrelles are the smallest and one of the more common bats in the UK. They find roosting spots in many of our old buildings and veteran trees. A good time to spot them is during the summer flying over water and field edges at dawn and dusk.