Our work

A ranger’s work is never done

Calm waters

Hundreds of you visit every year to enjoy our peaceful countryside and see its wildlife. Maintaining this special landscape is an ongoing job to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy it forever...

Nature conservation

New home for our terns © Tim Mockridge

Did you know that Frensham is internationally important for its variety of rare and endangered wildlife? It’s a Site of Special Scientific Interest, a Special Protection Area and a Special Area of Conservation. We aim to keep it this way, by maintaining our land as an environment that supports a rich diversity of life.

Woodland managment

New home for our terns © Tim Mockridge

You wouldn’t think that trees take much managing, but they do. Our rangers work to protect our woodland and veteran trees as well as protecting you, by making sure that our woodland is safe for you to wander freely around.

Countryside furniture

New home for our terns © Tim Mockridge

Next time you’re out and about take note of all the benches, gates, steps, fences and signs that you come across. We want you to have access to all of our wonderful countryside so we install countryside furniture to provide you access, keep you safe and help you along your way.

Renovating our ancient dam

Last autumn we carried out much needed repairs to our ancient dam (originally built in 1246 by the monks of Waverley Abbey). The dam is now looking great and more importantly watertight and safe. See what was done during the 14 week project...


Week 1 - Machines and equipment arrive

Machines and equipment arrive © Stillwater Project Team

Our Little Pond is buzzing with activity - the plant and materials arrive, fences are erected, track-way panels are placed and an office compound is created...

Week 2 - Grouting work begins

Grouting downstream © Stillwater Project Team

The repair work begins - the enormous task of grouting and re-pointing will take several weeks...

Week 3 - Unwelcome surprise

Grenade found at Frensham Little Pond’s dam © Tim Mockridge

On Tuesday a military device was found near the dam. It was believed to be a No 77 British white phosphorous grenade and was probably used by troops in the Second World War. The device was dealt with by the emergency services. Work continues on the grouting...

Week 4 - Grouting continues...

Injecting chemical grout into the masonry © Stillwater Project Team

... 41 more drums of grouting are delivered.

Spillway chute - a scaffold platform is erected to help us to drill and grout a ‘chemical grout’ into the old structure to make it watertight. A post-war buttress is also demolished.

Week 5 - Installing wellpoints

Installing wellpoints © Stillwater Project Team

Wellpointing is a process where a vacuum is applied to a system of pipes in the ground to suck up water. This lowers the water table and allows excavation works to be carried out in dry conditions.

Week 5 - Spillway chute excavation

Excavation for the spillway chute © Stillwater Project Team

A ring of wellpoints keep the area dry for the excavation of the spillway chute. It is excavated down to the level at which the concrete will be cast.

Week 6 - Fixing steel for concrete

Fixing steel for concrete © Stillwater Project Team

We’re partway through fixing the steel reinforcement for the new reinforced concrete chute. This will lengthen the seepage path under the dam foundation. Work also continues on re-pointing…

Week 7 - Excavation to install a flume

Excavation to install a concrete flume  © Stillwater Project Team

Work starts, upstream of Grange Road, to install a small concrete flume (man-made channel for water). This will allow us to measure any water seepage in the dam foundation when the pond is not overflowing.

Week 8 - Concrete chute

Pouring the base slab © Stillwater Project Team

We poured the first lot of concrete (base slab) into the excavated spillway chute. At a later date the visible face of the chute will be brick clad.

Week 9 - Things are shaping up

Completed channel walls © Stillwater Project Team

The channel walls were completed this week. The ‘step recess’ is for the new footbridge and soil will be back-filled to the top of the wall.

Week 10 - Brick cladding the channel

Brick cladding the channel © Stillwater Project Team

Work began on brick cladding the inner faces of the concrete channel. This will hide any concrete and be in keeping with the existing dam.

Week 11 - Rebuilding the lower arch

Rebuilding the lower arch © Stillwater Project Team

This week we rebuilt the lower arch and finished backfilling on the western side of the chute. Our refurbished iron railings were also delivered.

Week 12 - Building our new bridge

Building our bridge © Stillwater Project Team

Work begins on building our new bridge across the channel. You’ll soon be able to use this when strolling around the pond.

Week 13 - Final touches

Final touches © Stillwater Project Team

The paths are almost complete.

Next weekend all the footpaths should be open for you to see our renovated dam.

Week 14 - Footpaths are opened

Our bridge is complete © Stillwater Project Team

Our new wooden bridge was completed and the footpaths near the dam were opened.

All the brick work was finished off too.