Crossing the stream © Jim Elliott

Crossing the stream

A wild garden

Fyne Court was once a formal garden based on the Arcadian design. Over time the garden became wilder, as family money disappeared.

Since taking back the management of Fyne Court  in 2009, we  have been striving to get a balance between restoring some original features without losing the wildlife that have made this special place their home.

Tremendous trees

Winter light

The large veteran trees at Fyne Court were mainly planted as part of the designed landscape.

As well as providing grandeur, they're also home to insects, bats, birds and fungi.

And they're also a lot of fun to climb.


A robin at Fyne Court

A robin at Fyne Court

During the spring, listen for the drumming of the great spotted woodpecker and the coarse ‘cawing’ of rooks in the rookery. By April and May, Fyne Court echoes with a beautiful chorus of birdsong.

You can also spot more common birds, including blue tits and robins. Keep your eyes peeled for a chiffchaff, moorhens by the pond and the tiny wren.

Highland cattle

Cows on Broomfield Hill

We work closely with a local farmer, using Highland cattle to graze the fields around Fyne Court.

As well as looking adorable they're essential for keeping the grass in the best condition for wildlife.


Snowdrops at Fyne Court

Fyne Court is a fantastic place to be in February. Large patches of the estate are covered in a beautiful blanket of white snowdrops.



Come for the bluebells in May. Follow the red trail to see the best displays, as the ground turns blue and we welcome in the bluebell season.