Current appeals

As a charity, we depend on your donations to help us carry out our vital conservation work. Thank you for your support.

  • Castle Drogo

    The castle has suffered from major structural problems ever since it was built; by 2012 the situation had become critical. We are now well into a five-year conservation project to make Castle Drogo watertight. 913 windows will be refurbished, 64 kilometres of pointing will be replaced and a new roofing membrane will be installed.

  • Knole appeal

    After nearly 600 years, Knole’s colourful past is finally catching up with it in the form of chronic damp, decay and disrepair. We urgently need your help to save England's Forgotten Palace.

  • Quarry Bank

    Quarry Bank was once part of one of the largest cotton spinning businesses in the UK. Our aim is to reveal the full story of this early industrial community and tell the individual stories of the mill owners, workers and apprentices - before it's too late.

  • Dyrham appeal

    Dyrham Park's beautiful exterior, its roof and walls are starting to deteriorate, putting its precious collections at risk. We need your help now to carry out essential building maintenance. A donation today will help us repair and replace the roof and regulate the temperature on the inside.

  • The Lakes Appeal

    The Lakes’ footpaths have been taking us to the places we love for centuries. However, they’re fast falling into disrepair due to erosion, poor drainage and millions of pairs of walking boots. We need your help to raise £300,000 to repair 2km of footpaths, so we can keep the Lake District special for years to come.

  • Textiles appeal

    Looking after a collection of such rare and diverse textiles, from royal beds to costumes, carpets and tapestries, is an enormously challenging job. We urgently need your help to look after these rare textiles, many of which are in a very fragile condition and in need of specialist care and repair.

  • Red Wing at Croome

    The Red Wing designed by Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, is attached to the Georgian mansion house, Croome Court in Worcestershire. It has been left empty, causing its condition to deteriorate rapidly and it's now in the worst condition of any Grade I listed building in Worcestershire and the West Midlands.