Coast Campaign

White Park Bay, County Antrim in Northern Ireland © Joe Cornish

White Park Bay, County Antrim in Northern Ireland

Our coast is at risk

When you think of something as magnificent and elemental as the coast, it’s difficult to imagine that it is under constant threat. Help us care for your coast, for ever, for everyone.

Our members and supporters of the Neptune Coastline Campaign have helped us to protect the coast for 50 years. But membership fees only cover a third of the cost of caring for this precious landscape – each coastal mile costs £3,000 a year to maintain.

Give today and make a lasting impact to our great coast.

'I'm your coast, look after me'

Rhossili Bay from Rhossili Cliffs on the Gower peninsula © National Trust Images/Joe Cornish

Rhossili Bay from Rhossili Cliffs on the Gower peninsula

Breathing in the salty sea air, feeling sand between your toes, rock-pooling for weird and wonderful marine creatures or being awed by dramatic views. We love the coast and want to protect it.

Support our coastal vision

Seal colony at Blakeney Point, Norfolk © National Trust Images/Joe Cornish

Seal colony at Blakeney Point, Norfolk

For the coast to flourish, it must be healthy and rich in wildlife. At the same time, we must ensure its integral beauty and cultural heritage is protected, and that it can be accessed and enjoyed by everyone. Your support will help us achieve our coastal vision.

Help us connect with nature

Kynance Cove, Cornwall © Paul Wakefield

Kynance Cove, Cornwall

We are never going to stop coastal erosion and it’s not our job to try. But with your support we can carefully manage it to maintain access and nurture wildlife, keeping the coast healthy and beautiful – for you and for generations to come.

Safeguard your shores

Playing on the beach at Wembury in Devon © Megan Taylor

Playing on the beach at Wembury in Devon

Whatever makes the coast special to you, your support can have a lasting impact in ensuring our great coastline can continue to inspire us all.

How you can help

  • £15 could buy 38 marram grass plants to stabilise natural dune defences
  • £25 could enable us to create a metre of flower-rich wildlife trail
  • £65 could build a metre of wear-resistant footpath or repair a storm damaged walkway

Leave a lasting legacy to the coast

Holywell Bay, North Cornwall 

Holywell Bay, North Cornwall

You could help us protect our coastline and coastal habitats with a gift in your will and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Download our Gifts in Wills guide or contact our Gifts in Wills team. You can call us in confidence on 01793 817699.