Mount Stewart

Walled Garden

The Walled Garden at Mount Stewart was the powerhouse of the Demesne, providing the plants, raised mainly from seed supplied by plant collectors from around the world. It is also known to have produced a wide variety of fruit and vegetables to serve the house and feed the estate staff. The 1834 Ordnance Survey map shows that it was symmetrically arranged with a central path entering through what is now the Rose Garden and Dairy, lined by trees leading to the high wall against which were long heated glass houses, one of which survives.
The Rose Garden combined two of Lady Londonderry’s passions, the desire for scents and perfume within the garden and healthy eating. It will add a new facet to the visitor's day at Mount Stewart to once again house an extensive collection of the best scented period roses. In the open quarters of the Orchard we hope to plant a selection of fruit trees and grow soft fruit in the restored Vineries and Peach Houses showing the ‘higher flights of horticulture’. We need your help to restore it to its former glory.

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£10 could buy seeds enabling a local school or community group to take part in planting during a visit to the garden

could provide hand tools enabling volunteers from local community groups to take part in gardening activities

£35 would enable us to repair a 1 metre square section of the original front wall of a glasshouse

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£75 could restore a 1 metre squared section of a glasshouse floor with sandstone paving

could replace 4 handmade panes of glass in a glasshouse

The vinery is the only significant historic glasshouse left in the demesne and it houses a very significant vine, ‘White Syrian’, (planted only one year after the oldest vine in the UK, the Hampton Court Vine, planted in 1768), making it beyond doubt the oldest vine in Ireland.

The Vinery also houses two other significant vines; a Muscat brought back as a cutting stored in his boot from France in 1918 by Charles, 7th Marquess of Londonderry, and Red Hanepoot, a gift to Theresea, 6th Marchioness from Cecil Rhodes.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to share access to this small part of the Demesne with our supporters and visitors, and hope it will you to want to help us restore this wonderful space to its former historic glory.

Please donate today and help bring the spirit of Mount Stewart back to life

The Dairy is an exceptionally pretty circular building with a moss-covered roof, which was transplanted from an old ice house. The interior still has some original bespoke fixed furniture in the form of marble shelving and a central font. Spanish-type lustre wall tiles line the walls above the shelving. The area of the walled garden in front of the dairy was previously planted as a rose garden.

We will put your donation to work with immediate effect to support our conservation work at Mount Stewart. Your gift, whatever the amount, will also acknowledge the part you are playing in bringing the history of Mount Stewart to a new and vibrant audience. Please give what you can. Thank you.