The drama

Discover the drama of Quarry Bank

Based on the real life story of workers employed at Quarry Bank, Channel 4's 'The Mill' depicts Britain at a time when the industrial revolution is changing the country, and social unrest is beginning to unfold.

The Mill tells the story of Quarry Bank Mill, which represented the shining light of modern thinking; the brain child of the financially driven but philanthropic Greg family. Located in the heart of the countryside it is very different to the mills of nearby overcrowded Manchester.

The story behind Quarry Bank
Employing hundreds of people, Quarry Bank recruited children as young as nine as apprentices from orphanages and workhouses; migrants from as far as London, Ireland and Norfolk flocked to Quarry Bank with its purpose-built village, school, church and surgery.

The Mill gives you a glimpse of Quarry Bank as it used to look and feel. Our recently launched appeal aims to bring that experience to life for future visitors. By rebuilding the glasshouses, where the Greg’s grew exotic fruit; capturing the different details of the workers from the depths of the archives; and by opening up an untouched workers’ cottage, we want to let you walk back to the 1800’s every time you visit.

Quarry Bank is of historical importance detailing the lives of not just the owners, but the workers too. It is a tough story, which although has been dramatised for TV, wasn’t that different.

Support our appeal and keep the real stories alive.

The Mill Series 2

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