Stoneywell as it was in 1908 © Leicester City Council

Stoneywell as it was in 1908

Arts & Crafts Cottage

Thanks to many generous supporters including the The Monument Trust, the J Paul Getty Jnr Charitable Trust and the Gimson family, we have been able to successfully acquire Stoneywell.

Stoneywell, designed in 1899 by Ernest Gimson, one of the most inspiring and influential architect-designers of the British Arts and Crafts Movement.

We still need your help to enable us to make repairs, to put visitor facilities in place and to carry out conservation work in the 4 acres of gardens, to allow Stoneywell to open in 2014.

Why save Stoneywell?

Set in the Charnwood Forest, Grade II* listed Stoneywell is the only remaining cottage of its kind in Leicestershire. It’s one of only a handful of notable Arts and Crafts houses in England. And Stoneywell is only the second built place we have in the county.

As well as the cottage, gardens, outbuildings and woodland, Stoneywell retains many of its original contents. There is also a significant archive which has a wealth of historical material.

This is a unique opportunity to secure Stoneywell and its stories for the nation.

Donate now

To help us save Stoneywell, you can donate today either online or by phoning us on 0844 800 1895.

  • The Arts & Craft movement

    The Arts and Crafts Movement was an international phenomenon that started in the UK and carried ideas about design and country living far and wide. It was about making beautiful and useful objects from natural materials and celebrating craftsmanship.

  • Ernest Gimson

    Ernest Gimson, along with his contemporary William Morris, was a major contributor to the Movement and his work continues to inspire contemporary designers and makers in Britain and elsewhere.

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