Virtual White Cliffs of Dover

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There are many great names carved into the history of the White Cliffs of Dover, but when we set out to safeguard this iconic British landmark, we knew that there were no names more important than those of the generous people that would donate to this appeal.

Which is why we created the 'Virtual White Cliffs of Dover'. The Virtual Cliffs gave anyone who kindly donated the chance to carve their name and upload their image to the White Cliffs. They could then keep a copy for themselves, or send it to a friend via email, facebook or Twitter.


Some of our favourite messages included:

  • 'We feel that saving the White Cliffs in perpetuity will be a lasting legacy for us all' - Andrew Dannatt
  • 'Coming up the English Channel and seeing the White Cliffs was much loved view of great uncle as he returned home, especially during Second World War' - Josephine Lambert
  • 'When travelling across the Channel back from France I love watching the White Cliffs coming towards me. It's great living on this beautiful island' - Mark Harris
  • 'Even though I am thousands of miles away, I'm helping saving the White Cliffs of Dover! I have great memories of school trips down there. Nice work NT!' - Ruskin K Hartley
  • 'In memory of my father who spent so many years working at the Port in the shadow of the White Cliffs. Happy Days.' - Glenda
  • 'A lovely walk and a nice pub at the end and then a nice tea shop at the end of the return walk' - Russell W Thompson


Thank you to everyone who took the time to donate, and to everyone who uploaded their message to our Virtual White Cliffs.