The future of the White Cliffs of Dover

White Cliffs of Dover © Paul Wakefield

White Cliffs of Dover

Nic Durston, Assistant Director of Operations, tells us about the future of the White Cliffs of Dover.

'Most of the land that we have acquired has been used for growing crops. We'll take it out of agricultural use and restore it to chalk grassland, which is a rare and important habitat for all sorts of wildlife.'

'The acquisition completes a missing piece of a jigsaw in that it connects other areas of land owned by the Trust, and we are now able to manage a much larger natural landscape on the White Cliffs in which plants and wildlife can flourish.'

'We'll be managing the White Cliffs for wldlife and landscape benefits, whilst also ensuring that the public have access across the Cliffs and can enjoy the amazing walk from our Visitor Centre to South Foreland Lighthouse, which can now be done entirely on land owned by us.'

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