Virtual tours

  • Grand Causeway

    The world's most famous outcrop of rocks, the Grand Causeway is also one of Northern Ireland's most photographed sites. Experience its beauty from the comfort of your own living room.

  • Towards Port Noffer

    This 360 degree tour places you on the near tip of the Grand Causeway on a calm summer day. While the Giant's Causeway is the home of the most famed characters in Irish folklore - Finn McCool - the giants to be careful of today are the sometimes huge North Atlantic waves which crash with fury over the stones.

  • From Port Noffer

    Beyond the Grand Causeway lies Port Noffer, or The Giant's Port. Take a beautiful summer morning (virtual) tour and see the sun rise over the bay. Can you spot the sea pinks?

  • Towards Aird Snout

    Aird Snout is the headland that juts out from above the Grand Causeway. Look behind you and look up to see it from another glorious perspective.