Kestrel at Glastonbury

Watch out for kestrels at the end of summer. Swallows gather here to feast on insects before flying off for the winter. You may catch an aerial view of a Green woodpecker as you climb the Tor.

Badgers, rabbits, foxes

There's lots going on at night at Glastonbury Tor

The Tor is also home to badgers, rabbits and foxes. Look out for the rabbits early in the morning. The badgers and foxes will come out later in the evening.

Grazing the Tor

Glasonbury grazer

The Tor is managed by grazing sheep and cows. The livestock help to keep the grass short in a natural and traditional way.

Large Blue butterfly

The Large Blue: Collard Hill's most famous resident

The Large Blue: Collard Hill's most famous resident

Collard Hill is the only place in Britain where you're freely able to see this incredibly rare and special butterfly. We've dedicated this hillside to the conservation of the Large Blue and helping you engage with this beautiful insect.

Large Blue blog

The 2015 Large Blue Butterfly season on nearby Collard Hill has begun.

Find out more about the Large Blue and the butterflies that have been spotted so far via daily updates on our Large Blue Blog.