For families

What next? Families plan their day out at Glendurgan © NT / Lee Searle

What next? Families plan their day out at Glendurgan

Ready for an adventure?

From reaching the middle of the maze before your family to discovering something new on the beach at the bottom of the garden, we've got lots of activities for families to create their own adventures at Glendurgan.

Whether it's spring, summer or autumn there'll be something for families to learn and enjoy together.

Lose yourself

Lose yourself in the historic maze

The cherry laurel hedges of the maze have seen over 175 years of family fun since Alfred and Sarah Fox planted them for the entertainment of their twelve children. Challenge family members to a race to the middle.

Get airborne

Prepare to take off on the Giant's stride with a big leap

We've had a swing here at Glendurgan since 1913. Although the kit may have changed, taking a giant stride is a real delight for visitors of all ages today.

Life's a beach

Sun, sea and boats on the Helford River at Durgan

Not many gardens have a beach at the bottom. We're lucky to have the delightful village of Durgan and its sunny beach which is a mixture of sand, pebbles and rockpools as part of the visit to Glendurgan.

Family fun at the beach

  • Skim stones from the shore - our record is 30 jumps
  • Creep up on rockpools to spot crabs, fish and other creatures
  • Paddle in the crystal clear waters
  • Make a sandcastle and decorate it with shells
  • Watch fishing boats and sailor's yachts coming and going

Ramble over the rocks

Relax on the smooth sand or climb over the rocks © John Millar

As well as sand and pebbles there are fascinating rockpools to explore and boulders to clamber over.

Discover something new

Explore the fish cellar in Durgan village © NT / Jon O'Donoghue

The fish cellar in Durgan has tales of the characters who have lived in the village and surprising facts about the marine life in the Helford River. We work with the Helford Marine Conservation Group to celebrate and care for this special area. Open in local school holidays, usually 12-4pm

A sheltered cove

Relax on the smooth sand or climb over the rocks © John Millar

Durgan sits in a sheltered cove on the Helford River and facing south it catches the best of the sunshine. Relax on the quay wall and enjoy the warmth of the sun as the family enjoy the beach.

Close to nature

  • Find a quiet spot, close your eyes and listen to the birdsong
  • Sit still next to the pond and watch for creepy-crawlies in the water
  • Watch the buzzards soaring over the valley
  • Spot butterflies and bees on nectar-rich flowers
  • Explore some of our giant trees to look for bugs


The natural beauty of Glendurgan is the perfect home for creepy crawlies © NT / Lee Searle

Full of natural beauty, the garden is the perfect home for creepy-crawlies. See if you can find some familiar and not-so-familiar bugs and mini-beasts around the garden.

Explore an underwater world

Lots of life in the newly restored pond © NT / Mary Cobill

The Fox family dug the pond when they created the garden to drain the valley and to keep trout in. Today there are no fish but plenty of creatures living on and under the water.