Steam Yacht Gondola private charter fees

Gondola on Coniston Water © Paul Harris

Gondola on Coniston Water

Evening charter fees

Prices are based on a 1 hour cruise embarking from Coniston Boat Landings from 4:45pm onwards:

  • April & October - before 6:30pm = £455
  • April & October - from/after 6:30pm = £510
  • May to September - before 6:30pm = £570
  • May to September - from/after 6:30pm = £625

Additional charges

Extra half hour: £100

Embarkation/Disembarkation at Brantwood jetty: £50

Embarkation/Disembarkation at other jetties quoted individually. Gondola is able to call in at Monk Coniston, Parkamoor and Lake Bank jetties (all subject to permission)

Facility fees for bringing own drinks (includes hire of glasses) is £2 per person with £40 minimum.