50 things challenges

Girls pond dipping at Great Coxwell Barn, Oxfordshire

With its swathes of wild grasses and nearby pond, where better to enjoy some free family fun, than out and about at the Great Coxwell Barn? Part of the Buscot and Coleshill estates, this magnificent 13th-century monastic building is a striking backdrop to the 50 things challenge. Whatever the season, it's a perfect place for children to lose themselves in play.

Badbury Woods

Great Coxwell Barn is two miles south west of Faringdon between A420 and B4019. Why not join up your visit to the Barn with more 50 things fun at nearby Badbury Woods, which is less than a mile away by car, or a brisk 10 minute walk, following footpaths across fields.

Pick blackberries growing in the wild

Come and collect some of Autumn's bountiful harvest hiding in the hedgerows around the barn. Savour them as you pick, or take them home and cook up some kitchen fun. Autumn is the best time to "catch a falling leaf" as they swirl down from the nearby trees.

Make a grass trumpet

Make a grass trumpet from the swathes of wild grasses around the barn, and perfect your sound.

Hunt for bugs

Creepy crawlies are abundant in the wild grasses, making it a great place to go bug hunting. Don't forget to pack your magnifying glass to study them in more detail, and take photos so you can identify them properly when you get home.

Find some frog spawn

Why not visit in late spring and hunt for frog spawn in the nearby pond. Strike it lucky with your timing, and you may even hear the mating calls of the adults, as the spawn is laid. Later in the year, watch out for tadpoles and finally tiny frogs hopping through the grasses around the pond.

Discover what's in a pond

Bring your nets, and prepare for some wet and muddy fun at the pond nestled close by to the barn. What will you discover lurking amongst the weeds?

Find your way with a map and compass

Coming soon: We're creating a family trail around the barn and surrounding fields for you to download to help you make the most of your day. Bring a compass and navigate around the route.